Summer 2020: what are the causions to take during this season?

Summer has arrived in Peru and temperatures begin to wreak havoc. During this stage, there are some forecasts to take into consideration and have fun instead of suffering from solving the problems that may cause us. Here are some tips to deal with this summer 2020.


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In Peru we have a large UV index, that is, ultraviolet rays. We must consider protecting ourselves even more from the sun than in other areas of the world. Therefore, it is essential that in summer we use sunscreen. This will help us take care of our skin from very common diseases due to long sun exposure such as skin cancer.


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Hydrating is one of the main acts to perform. Being dehydrated we usually confuse thirst with hunger and, therefore, ingest more calories. In addition, dehydration often causes such havoc that many people tend to faint on the hottest days. 8 glasses of water a day can lower alerts and improve health. Your whole body will thank you.

Beaches and pools

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Be very careful in these spaces! In the world, many cases of bacteria are spread through waters exposed to high temperatures. Going to a pool or a beach in a good state could save you a lot of infections or health problems. In addition, some cases of drowning occur due to the previous intake of alcohol in them, therefore, it is advisable to avoid alcohol consumption before entering them.

First aid kit

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During the camps, either on the beach or in the countryside, it is necessary to carry a first aid kit to avoid allergies to insect bites of the season or food that can be harmful to health.