Australia: tourists and citizens were evacuated due to large fires

Tourists and citizens of Australia have been forced to evacuate things from the southeast of the country last Saturday of 2019. The fact was recorded due to the great heat waves which have generated forest fires that are considered the strongest of the decade. These heat waves and forest fires have caused 8 deaths in the first 48 hours since they began.

New South Wales firefighters asked citizens of nearby areas and visitors to evacuate coastal areas in the city of Mowra in the state of Victoria.

Approximately 18 people died in these seasons of fires due to heatwaves, in September and it is believed that the figure may increase due to the 17 people missing in the territory in recent days.

Visitors must depart on Saturday, which is expected to be the worst day for fires, wind gusts and temperatures above 40 ° C. This heatwave could be the most devastating than last September due to the greater number of deaths in less time

Many tourists who were refugees in nearby cities spent the next few days without electricity and incommunicado and with few foods for which the authorities have managed to clear the roads that reach these cities to ensure the safety of affected people and foreigners.

The victims began to leave the affected areas with backpacks with survival resources and walked in groups to safely reach their different evacuation points. The roads of Sydney were full and with long and endless lines of vehicles that sought to get away from dangerous areas.

Fire without control

Incendios forestales en Australia

The deputy director of the special services of firefighters said he could not be able to control the fires caused or be able to put them out due to their great magnitude.

Heat bubble

La misteriosa ‘burbuja’ caliente de Nueva Zelanda se desplaza hacia Sudamérica

It is considered that these heat waves that hit the oceanic continent, could be due to this immense bubble of extremely hot waters that slowly moves away in the direction of Latin America. However, scientific studies still cannot verify the relationship between it and the fires that plague this country.