2020: what name does this year will receive and when will it be revealed?

Martín Vizcarra, current President of the Republic, has the task of formalizing the name of this year in the coming days, but why is this denomination so important in our country? In the next note, we tell you the origin.

What will be the name of the year 2020?

As part of our Peruvian tradition this year you will receive an official name which will be chosen and revealed by our President of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra, through a Supreme Decree.

As it is recalled in 1963, during the first government of Fernando Belaúnde Terry, a Supreme Decree was established which narrated the following: governments should carry an official name from there on in order to remind the population and all institutions Peru, a particular objective or celebration that the Government considers of vital importance for the country.

But … why is the name important?

The name of the year is chosen among all the proposals made by the ministries, from which one is chosen which is later made official by means of a Supreme Decree.

It is important that there is an official name for each year as it summarizes the objective of the Government of Peru. In addition, it becomes the official letterhead that will be used by the State entities in a mandatory manner in their official documents.

Were there years that had no official name?

Although since 1963 it is a tradition to designate a name of the year, there were two years that had no official name in these almost six decades. These years were: 1975 and 1998. As you remember the official name of the last year 2019 was: «Year of the fight against corruption and impunity».