LG will present a new greenhouse to grow vegetables at home

With the purpose of caring for and preserving the environment, the LG company will present an intelligent greenhouse, which will have the purpose of growing fruits and vegetables at home and at the same time contribute to people having a balanced and healthy diet. In addition, it plans to combine improvement in the quality of life with environmental care.

The presentation of the new appliance will be during the 53rd edition of the CES 2020 technology fair that will take place in the city of Las Vegas, USA. which will begin on January 7. The main feature of the event is the sale of devices dedicated to the home, such as washing machines, refrigerators and even ovens with an intelligent system.

Climate issue

The fair is an opportunity to know the latest trends in technology that will mark the whole year and due to the constant climatic changes and the strong claims of people, LG proposes the new appliance, which will feature the Smart Green concept. This system will be located with ease because of its small size that will be next to the refrigerator.

Other details that this modern appliance will have are the 24 planters with different seedbeds and that will have a light, temperature and water control system. In addition, the temperature can be adjusted precisely and will have a forced air circulation mechanism and a watering system.

The buyer can control and supervise the growth of the 20 vegetables such as lettuce, basil, among others, through a mobile application where you will see the instructions and advice for proper use of the greenhouse.

The president of LG Electronics, Song Dae-Hyun, said that users increasingly care about their diet to maintain a healthy and balanced pace of life. «Our first solution in smart greenhouses represents a new model of home appliances for LG and a new way to enjoy cooking while taking care of consumer food», he said.