Brazil: Netflix ordered to withdraw tape on gay Jesus Christ

Porta dos fundos, is a producer of comedy videos broadcast on the Internet, currently being the sixth largest Brazilian channel on YouTube. However lately he has gained more notoriety in the world but not for the quality of his videos or the humor he contains. Maybe the latter does since it is a humor that has generated controversy. The reason? Introduce us to a gay Jesus Christ.

«The first temptation of Christ» premiered on Netflix on December 3, was heavily criticized by conservative, evangelical and Catholic politicians, and thousands of people signed a petition on asking for its cancellation.

However, this is something that has gone beyond simple complaints and collections of online signatures, because on December 24 the headquarters of the Brazilian producer, in Rio de Janeiro, was attacked with Molotov bombs, without victims; but leaving serious damage to the facade of the building. In the attack, it is rumored that at least four hooded men participated.

To this is added the justice of Brazil that has ordered censorship of the special Netflix program at the request of the Catholic association Centro Don Bosco de la Fe y la Cultura, arguing that it seeks to “calm the spirits” of “the Christian community and society Brazilian” until the merits of the matter are judged.

«It seems to me more appropriate and beneficial, not only for the Christian community, but for the Brazilian society, mostly Christian, until the merit is judged to resort to caution to calm the spirits, so I grant the preliminary decision as required», said Judge Benedict Abicair.

Recall that it is not the first time that the program enters into controversies because in 2013 it showed a video titled Christmas Special just like the one of now, where Mary had intimacy with God, Jesus made negotiations on his crucifixion, etc.

Notably, Porta Dos Fundos has won an Emmy Award for Best Comedy precisely for that program.