Barrios Altos becomes a photo gallery

This global project created by the French artist JR arrives in Peru. This project has passed through 142 countries such as Congo, India, United States, Venezuela, Thailand and even in the North Pole. Now in Peru, the Inside Out project by French artist Jean Rene (JR) arrives in the capital. The artist took pictures of the residents of Barrios Altos, one of the most traditional spaces in Lima.

The idea of ​​this project is to exhibit portraits of the people who reside and those who visit the area, these photos will be pasted on the exterior of the Unión Cinema, in the Plaza Italia. They are little more than 150 posters of 1.35 meters. Black and white photos, which were printed in the study of the New York organization and have just arrived in Lima relatively recently. A curious fact is that those interested in seeing the exhibition can put the portraits on the walls, there will also be music, dance, and others. You could say that it is a kermesse of the neighborhood.


The idea of ​​pasting portraits taken to residents of Barrios Alto on the streets was an initiative of the same artist 9 years ago with which he won a TED award, prizes given to people who have a creative vision and generate a change globally. The event will take place on January 18. The idea of ​​doing it in slums is to raise awareness. It is intended that people recover the cultural image of the space where they live, but how to recover a cultural space if the residents themselves do not recognize the value in which they live? The Value of Lima not only lies in its history or its historical monuments but also in the citizens, they give it the meaning of where they live. This Friday Barrios Altos celebrates its 485 years of being founded.


The portraits will be exhibited from 11 in the morning on Saturday, January 18, 2020, in the exteriors of the Union Cinema, by Plaza Italia.

Part of the Inside Out Neighborhoods project will involve the elderly of Caravanero Home, who was photographed for this outdoor exhibition.