Case of Keiko Fujimori: 15 months of preventive detention against leader of Fuerza Popular

Today in the afternoon, Judge Víctor Zúñiga accepted the request for preventive detention of prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, against the leader of the Popular Force, Keiko Fujimori Higuchi, who had recovered his freedom on November 26, 2019, after the Constitutional Court (TC) has declared founded the habeas corpus presented by its sister Sachi Fujimori.

In the resolution of the fiscal request, Zúñiga indicated that there is a serious suspicion that the leader of the Popular Force committed crime in the acts of concealment and conversion of the illicit money of Odebrecht, who entered Fuerza 2011 (name of Fujimori’s political party in that year), and that as president of the political party she knew the transfers.

The magistrate took into account the testimonies of Jorge Barata, Marcelo Odebrecht, Jorge Yoshiyama, Rolando Reátegui, Antonieta Gutiérrez Rosati (former treasurer), and effective collaborators in the case. They were in total more than 60 people who testified before prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, so Zúñiga issued 15 months of preventive detention against Keiko Fujimori.


A few moments ago, agents of the National Police of Peru transferred Keiko Fujimori to the jail of the Judiciary to comply with the measure of 15 months of preventive detention imposed by Judge Víctor Zúñiga. The Popular Force leader will remain in this place until it is established in which prison she will serve pretrial detention.

Canal N captured the precise moment when the former presidential candidate was transferred in a dark minivan, with polarized moons. Also, it was heavily guarded by PNP troops. The vehicle entered through La Colmena avenue in the direction of Nicolás de Piérola avenue.


Keiko Fujimori is accused of being the head of an alleged criminal organization, which would have received illicit contributions from the construction company Odebrecht for her presidential campaign in 2011. In February 2018, former Odebrecht director Jorge Barata declared in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in the presence of Peruvian prosecutors, who authorized to deliver $ 1 million 200 thousand to the Fujimori campaign.

Also, Barata said he gave $ 500,000 to Jaime Yoshiyama, another $ 500,000 to Augusto Bedoya and $ 200,000 to Ricardo Briceño as support, he said at the time.

On the other hand, Giulliana Loza, lawyer of Keiko Fujimori, affirmed that the Prosecutor’s Office does not have ‘any support’ to prove any danger of escape or obstruction of the process by her sponsor.

‘Freedom is the rule, detention is the exception. The prosecutor has not presented any support for the danger of leakage or obstruction’, she said.