Attorney Jorge Ramírez is dismissed in the Lava Jato case

The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights concluded the appointment of the ad hoc solicitor of the Lava Jato case, Jorge Ramírez Ramírez, after the extraordinary session yesterday, February 11, of the Directing Council of the State Attorney General’s Office.

Supreme resolution N ° 183-2017-JUS, signed by the State Attorney General, Daniel Soria Lujan, and published today in El Peruano, states that lawyer Jorge Ramírez will no longer exercise the legal defense of the rights and interests of the Peruvian State before national and international jurisdictional and non-jurisdictional bodies, in investigations and processes related to crimes of corruption of officials, money laundering and other related activities that Odebrecht and others would have incurred.

It should be remembered that Jorge Ramírez said he was not informed about his departure from the Attorney General’s Office and found out this morning by El Peruano newspaper. Deputy Attorney General Silvana Carrión is the one who temporarily replaces him.

On the other hand, according to the resigning Minister of Energy and Mines, Juan Carlos Liu, Attorney General Jorge Ramírez interceded for the construction company Odebrecht to obtain a meeting with his representatives and the portfolio in question.

‘On December 23, 2019, the attorney of the Ministry of Justice calls me, asking me for a meeting, which we had during the first days of January. The attorney wanted to talk to me and it was the Minister of Justice herself who put us in touch. At the meeting, the attorney told me that the Odebrecht lords wanted to meet with me on the 8th. Since that day I had a Council of Ministers, we were there for 9′, Juan Carlos Liu told the newspaper Gestión.

Odebrecht complaint

Last Sunday, Jorge Ramírez said that the complaint of the Odebrecht company against the Peruvian State before the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (Ciadi), ‘will follow the path of failure’. He explained that the Brazilian construction company has ‘a signed guilty act’ for said project, so ‘that demand is going to fail’.