Congress: creation of electoral district for Peruvians in another country was approved

The Congress of the Republic, through the Constitution Commission, unanimously approved the opinion that proposes the creation of an electoral district for Peruvians abroad. Said proposal supported by the legislator Omar Chehade (Alliance for progress) means that the parliament will open 2 seats of representation for Peruvians residing abroad, these representations will be taken from the 36 that the electoral district of Lima currently owns, remaining with 34.

This approach enjoyed 124 votes in favor, 0 in another and 0 abstentions, for which only its publication in the official newspaper El Peruano would be missing. In this way, the national representation that modifies article 21 of the Organic Law of Elections for the creation of constituencies for Peruvians abroad is modified.

However, the Constitution commission led by Omar Chehade initially proposed to reform Article 90 of the Magna Carta so that the members of Congress are from 130 to 134. This modality would have allowed the 4 seats to be destined for Peruvians abroad; but this initiative did not have sufficient support.

As a curiosity, seats for foreigners have been sought since the period 2011-2016, when the now-member of the APP reinforced the entire Nationalist Party, in the presidential term of Ollanta Humala.