Congress approves the elimination of parliamentary immunity

After criticism of the legislature on the approval of political reforms, the congress of the Republic called a plenary session of spokesmen yesterday at 3 in the afternoon, as indicated by the Twitter account of the parliament. Session in which it was reconsidered to vote for the project that eliminates parliamentary immunity.

However, at the scheduled meeting, the legislators took into account the inclusion of the President of the Republic and the ministers within the amendment of parliamentary immunity, so that with this opinion the president could also be accused of crimes against the public administration before and during his period of government.

Recall that said power, Congress approved the elimination of parliamentary immunity with 110 votes in favor and 13 against; but after the procedure of a ´constitutional reform´ said debate will be taken into account today, Monday, July 6. Likewise, two modifications were incorporated in which they establish that the magistrates of the Constitutional Court and the Ombudsman are exempt from immunity.

After the presidential message, the Congress of the Republic had an extended session in which after meeting at the Board of Spokespersons, it was the parliamentarians Orlando Arapa and Wilmer Bajonero (Popular Action) who proposed that the elimination of immunity be extended to the president. of the Republic.

In the aforementioned proposal, he was joined by the benches of the Alliance for Progress, Podemos Peru and Union for Peru and of some members of Fuerza Popular and even FREPAP. Despite criticism by legislators such as Francisco Sagasti (Purple Party) and Rennan Espinoza (We are Peru) for such a measure to be subject to debate, he did not get the necessary support from parliament.

The aforementioned events occurred hours before the President of the Republic Martin Vizcarra gave a message to the Nation, in which he indicated there would be a referendum for next year’s elections; however, if the elimination of parliamentary immunity is approved, said procedure (referendum) would have no context.