Documents on hiring of Mirian Morales’ personal circle revealed

The remembered case of the secretary of the Presidential Office, Mirian Morales, went to play because a document issued by the General Directorate of Socio-Environmental Affairs of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) would take into account that Morales, had knowledge of the contracts made to his daughter’s aunt.

The report presented by Panaroma mentions that Teresa Mere Vidal presented her activity report (in a 16-page document) to the MTC instances, a document that was endorsed by the secretary of the presidential office, when she was head of the General Directorate of Affairs Environmental Partner, with its rubric.

In this way, the contracts disbursed the payment of more than 4,000 soles to the sister of Jorge Mere (sister of the ex-partner of Mirian Morales), whose contracts were made under the modality of receipts for fees, with the function of conducting surveys in Piura, whose date dates from September 20, 2017. When the aforementioned worker did not have a professional title and had already maintained contact with the State 21 days before.

Claudia Mere, who in industrial engineering worked as project coordinator for a commercial establishment. The report presented by the channel 5 program mentions that Mirian Morales hired Mere to work directly with her, when she was an MTC official.

These contracts increased when Mirian Morales assumed the general presidency of the Presidential Office in 2018, there when a second contract was made by order of services that amounted to 20,000 soles for 3 months at the MTC. Mere continued working until 2019, since the ministry paid him a sum of more than 6,000 soles for conducting training and informative talks in Piura.