The Amautas, teachers of ancient Peru

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Almost 600 years ago, in ancient Peru; During the Inca government, there were The Amautas. These characters had the great responsibility to educate the children of the Inca noble class and the offspring of the Inca himself. The word Amauta comes from the Quechua word: hamawt’a; which means wise teacher.

The Amautas are considered by many chroniclers as the first teachers of Peru, they imparted their knowledge in the Yachaywasis, which translated into Spanish would be Houses of knowledge. The training imparted by The Amautas to the future rulers is based above all on the moral, religious, historical norms, and the functions that they were going to play in the government of the Inca Empire. They also taught mathematical science and knowledge about the earth and the universe, according to the Inca worldview.

For the American researcher William Burns Glynn, a specialist in pre-Columbian cultures, the Amautas were a group of people of superior intelligence seeking solutions to meet the needs of their people. Burns in his famous essay in homage to The Amautas affirms that these members of the Inca culture contributed significantly to the historical organization of ancient Peru.

Another of the important functions of the Amauta in the Empire was interpreting The Quipus, a sophisticated accounting system for the time and that many scholars claim transmitted more than just numbers, but rather they were a binary set of algorithms very difficult to decipher even in the present.