12 jurists resign from positions in Congress

Faced with the recent crisis of the Executive with the Legislative, 12 jurists expressed their rejection of the recent measures taken by Parliament with respect to political reforms (modification of parliamentary immunity), for which reason they resigned from the advisory council of the Constitution Commission.

As we recall, last Sunday the Congress of the Republic, through its benches, decided to modify the constitutional reform so that both the President, as well as the ministers of State, members of the TC (Constitutional Court) and even the Ombudsman are also exonerated from said faculty.

In this sense, the jurists who worked in the Legislative Branch issued a letter of resignation, due to common disagreement over the hasty measures taken by the Congress of the Republic, shortly after a message had been provided to the Nation by the Leader.

In the resignation letter addressed to Omar Chehade, president of the Constitution Commission, the signatures of Elena Alvites, Rocio Villanueva, Elizabeth Salmon, Lucianos Lopez and Betzabé Marciani were presented. The constitutionalists Juan Carlos Mollenda and Samuel Abad were also the ones who resigned.

Other constitutionalists such as Oscar Urviola, Cesar Landa, Pedro Cateriano, Javier de Belaunde and Fernando Tuesta, also joined this position. In the resignations presented, it is explained that they collaborated for Congress honored to serve the country and confident in the development of the democratic reforms of the renewed Parliament.

However, many of them regretted that the constitutional reform on the elimination of parliamentary immunity will be approved in the first vote, and whose modification has upset the nature of the reform, since both the President of the Republic and his current cabinet of ministers, among other officials, they are excluded from said faculty.