Process against Kenji Fujimori restarts

By means of a resolution, the Judiciary announced that the second hearing for the prosecution control against the former congressmen Kenji Fujimori, Guillermo Bocangel, Bienvenido Ramirez, and other suspects of the alleged purchase of votes for denying the vacancy motion to the then President of the Republic, Pedro Palbo Kuczynski in 2018.

It should be remembered that the process continued in March of this year; but as a result of the coronavirus outbreak (covid-19), all processes were suspended. However, the Supreme Court of Preparatory Investigation in charge of Hugo Nuñez Julca released Monday, the resolution that schedules a meeting (Tuesday 21) at 9 am, and that the session be held virtually.

In the document, it is recalled that on March 16, the Judiciary only provided attention to deal with urgent matters. Meanwhile, on May 2, the Executive Council of the PJ (Judicial Power) ordered that starting on the 1st of this year, courts throughout the country will schedule a hearing for pending criminal cases.

It is recalled that on March 9 the first accusation session was held by the Public Ministry against Kenji Fujimori and the others involved in the dissemination of the video where they are recorded by former parliamentarian Moisés Mamani (Popular Force). Therefore, Bethzabeth Revilla presented the accusation against Kenji Fujimori at the beginning of the year, requesting 12 years of preventive detention.

Same request that was presented for Guillermo Bocangel while for Bienvenido Ramirez, 11 years were requested, the 3 ex-legislators are accused of their own generic active bribery and aggravated influence peddling. Meanwhile, for ex-adviser to Kenji Fujimori, Alexei Toledo Vallejos has also been asked for a restricted appearance order to ensure his presence in the investigation process.