Covid- 19 infections increase in Ica

After having been quarantined on March 15 of this year due to the pandemic that has affected the whole world, all the provinces and cities of our country remained in quarantine for 4 months, however this has not been effective enough to be able to achieve prevent the increase of coronavirus infections in the country, since in recent weeks there have been reports of an increase in the number of infections in some provinces of the country, including Ica.

Where it has been reported that contagions are increasing in this city like Nazca, so through a statement, the district mayors of the regions have indicated the slow action of the Regional Health Directorate, in order to avoid contagions and manage containment and prevention plans for the citizens of these localities.

Likewise, they have highlighted the obstacles that the health institution has placed in order to distribute Ivermectin to vulnerable populations in the districts of Yauca del Rosario, Los Aquijes, Pueblo Nuevo, Santiago, Pachacútec, Tate, among others. They also reported that they have not carried out any action that I took into consideration the local authorities.

Faced with the little management that has been carried out in Ica, in order to treat infected people and prevent more infected, the provincial municipalities have had to make expenses to be able to hire medical health personnel who are responsible for monitoring and following up on infected people. .

So, in the face of the increase in the number of infections and deaths from coronaviruses, they have been forced to administer Ivermectin to patients, to try to deal with this health crisis that has been increasing in Ica.