Ivanka Trump causes controversy with a Twitter post

Ivanka Trump generates controversy on social networks for a photo she shared on Twitter. The daughter of the US President uploaded a photo with a can of Goya beans, and not precisely because the company has hired her for brand marketing, but because its CEO, Robert Unanue, was at the White House giving his support to Donald Trump.

Ivanka wrote “If it’s Goya, it has to be good. If it’s Goya, it has to be good” along with the image, which to date has more than 47,000 retweets and 52,000 comments. The memes did not take long to appear, and the fact is that the majority of Americans blame Trump’s daughter for having violated ethical standards by supporting Goya.

It all started when Unanue, who owns the brand, praised the president at an event held at the White House, where he stated, “We have all been blessed to have a president like Donald Trump. That is what my grandfather did. He came to this country to build, to grow, to prosper. We have a president who is a builder and we pray. We pray for our president«. This caused outrage from those who are against the policies of the US President, who immediately created the hashtags #BoycottGoya and #Goyaway.

The adviser and daughter of the president, published the photo in support of the brand, from her personal account. Something that costs her a lot of criticism, because Ivanka has a position in the government. The Government Ethics Office notes within its guidelines, “Executive branch employees may not use their positions in the Government to suggest that the agency or any part of the executive branch endorses an organization (including a non-profit organization), product, service or person”, on the other hand, a Trump spokesman would have defended the publication alleging that it was made from a personal account, therefore he indicated that it would be personal support.

Ivanka Trump has been strongly criticized in recent days for the latest campaign launched by the government, which aims to promote employment in the country, the controversy arose from the name of the campaign «Find Something New«.



Goya is the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the United States, the company started as a store and currently has more than 4,000 employees and 2,500 products, which are distributed in Spain, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and South America. The canning company has equity of $ 250 million and could sell for approximately $ 3 billion. Latinos are his target audience, which could cause him problems since many of them have been outraged by Unanue’s comments.