The Municipality of Lima carried out rapid tests and distributed baskets to the inhabitants of San Juan de Lurigancho

After the quarantine in the city of Lima has ended, there are still coronavirus infections, one of the districts where there is a large percentage is in the San Juan de Lurigancho district.

It is because of this that the Municipality of Lima will carry out 1,000 rapid tests to vulnerable people, including older adults, recyclers and cooks of the common pots that are in the town, until tomorrow.

This activity that was carried out is part of the Lima Te Cuida program, in the Lima commune, which today delivered 1,200 food baskets to vulnerable families in the Huáscar area, in San Juan de Lurigancho, in addition to taking 600 rapid COVID-19 discard tests.

The baskets they delivered had basic necessities such as rice, beans, oil, milk, sugar and noodles, which were donated by the Lima Christian Organization to the Encuentro de Dios. Likewise, common pot programs have been carried out, such as Manos a la Olla, which will be able to provide food dishes in the different districts of Metropolitan Lima affected by the pandemic.

On the other hand, several programs are being carried out that can support the fight against coronavirus in the population, which is why 22 young people from the area make up the team of Health Guardians, who identify, monitor and follow up on the people infected with COVID- 2019 to treat them as quickly as possible and comply with a mandatory quarantine. Among the services that the Lima Te Cuida program is carrying out, there are also screenings for obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as advice on healthy eating and implementation of bio-gardens in the area.

This initiative has been promoted by the Management of Neighborhood Participation, Sisol, Social Development, Services to the City and Environmental Management of the Municipality of Lima, and will continue in various districts of the Lima commune to continue supporting more citizens.