The son of a judge in charge of the Jeffrey Epstein case was murdered.

Judge Esther Salas, who handles the case for the accounts of Jeffrey Epstein – the billionaire accused of child trafficking – at Deutsche Bank, was attacked by a professional killer at her New Jersey home. The magistrate was unhurt, while her husband Mark Anderl was seriously injured and her 20-year-old son died.

The attack occurred last Sunday, neighbors have informed local authorities that a man dressed as a FedEx company worker, first shot at the magistrate’s son, who opened the door at the call, then shot at his father. The judge was in the basement of the house, so she could not be found by the criminal.

Photo: AFP

The main suspect is Den Hollander, who has been found shot to death in New York on Monday, police said it could be a suicide. Hollander is an anti-feminist lawyer, who filed a lawsuit with the judge in 2015 against the Military Service, the lawyer questioned that it only address men.

Salas was commissioned to analyze Jeffrey Epstein’s bank accounts at the German bank, recently Deutsche Bank was fined $150 million by the New York Department of Financial Services, due to failures to supervise Epstein’s accounts.

Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein was a billionaire, accused of child sex trafficking, in 2019 he was sentenced to 45 years in prison, Epstein had created a pyramid plot to exploit and abuse minors. On August 12, 2019, he was found dead in his cell. It was declared a suicide but the family believes that he was assassinated for political interest because the millionaire would have information on important figures in American politics.