Ukraine: all hostages freed from hijacked bus

In the Ukrainian city of Lutsk, an individual had kidnapped 22 people on board a bus. Thanks to a negotiation with the police, the kidnapper had released two women and a teenager. One of the women would be in a pregnant state. Finally, the others managed to get out.

The individual has recorded that he is armed and has explosives. According to the official accounts of the local police, they affirm that «they are using all possible methods so that the kidnapping can be resolved peacefully.»

Vladimir Zelenski, the Ukrainian President, has indicated that they will make it possible for the situation to be resolved «without victims».


Police maintain that a citizen called during the morning claiming that he had hijacked a bus and continued to shoot. This was stated by the President of the European country.

The bus was found with the curtains low and is located in Theater Square located in the center of Lutsk. The police have recommended that other citizens avoid passing through the area and preferably that they take refuge in their homes or work centers.

According to a spokesman for law enforcement, quoted by the Ucrinform news agency, the kidnapper has published his demands on his social networks, which are now being studied by police officers.

Finally resolved

All the people kidnapped by Maxim Krivosh this morning in the northwestern city of Lutsk were released after more than twelve hours in captivity.

«Lutsk. Everyone is safe,» Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsén Avákov wrote on Twitter.

The city of Lutsk, with some 220,000 inhabitants, is about 60 kilometers from the vertex that forms the borders with Poland and Belarus.