Cateriano on focused quarantine: It is not only a political decision

Prime Minister Pedro Cateriano mentioned that the latest measures to extend quarantine in the country’s regions (such as Cusco, Cajamarca, Arequipa, among others) respond to medical, but not political, criteria. «These types of decisions are made by the Government based on purely medical criteria evaluated by the Ministry of Health, so they are not decisions that are made solely on the basis of political criteria and that is the reason why this determination has been made,» he said.

In an agenda work, the President of the Council of Ministers, Pedro Cateriano declared from Chimbote about the presidential message of July 28, in which he pointed out that the head of state meets all three objectives, the fight of the coronavirus pandemic , the economic relaunch and the next general elections.

Regarding the question about the questions to the Executive branch, due to its lack of haste, for the development of the oxygen donation process by the company Southern Peru, the premier mentioned that the Government appreciates the contribution of all private companies, and that finishing the trial will be the ideal moment for impeachment.

‘I could not answer because I have not been in office, what I must tell you is that the government appreciates the contribution of all private companies. The moment of impeachment should be the culmination of the pandemic, ’said the head of the Ministerial Cabinet.

It should be noted that the Congress of the Republic, through the oversight commission chaired by the parliamentarian Edgard Alarcón, quoted the former President of the Council of Ministers, Vicente Zeballos, about the donations granted by the mining company Southern Peru to the Peruvian Government.