Domingo Pérez: Politics interferes with justice

The prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, declared on the document signed by many personalities who reject that the member of the Special Team Lava Jato, has requested the suspension of political activities for the Popular Force party for two years or more, this in the framework of the investigations that are developed by the Odebrecht case.

‘Unfortunately, when politics interferes with justice, what it aims to do is generate impunity that will reach those who are being investigated,” said Domingo Pérez in a conversation for the Sunday Panorama.

The member of the Special Team Lava Jato, added that he is surprised by the statement that was made in defense of the individuals who are part of the investigations. In this sense, he urged citizens that if they see that politics interferes with justice, they should take into consideration the events that occurred to exercise the necessary social control in these latest interventions.

«These communiqués signed by the investigated persons or that have interests with investigated persons, that happens in all investigations against criminal organizations.» As recalled in recent weeks, the nation’s prosecutor’s office has asked the judge in charge of the process that the orange party be temporarily suspended from its political activities, because among many other investigations, its leader Keiko Fujimori is pointed out in the alleged crimes of forming a criminal organization the political group.

For this, it should be noted that Keiko Fujimori has rejected the measure taken by Domingo Pérez, since he considers it to be unpublished and undemocratic, this pronouncement was made by his social Twitter account, also, the current parliamentarian of Fuerza Popular, Martha Chaves, critic also the actions of the member of the Special Team Lava Jato, pointing out that he cannot do what he wants.