Crime in times of coronavirus has been increasing during the state of emergency

Citizen insecurity has been increasing over the days, since criminals are taking advantage of the mandatory use of face masks and face protectors, to strategically camouflage themselves to avoid being identified. This time with more frequency due to the economic reactivation of the various sectors in the country.

According to the manager of Expert Reports of the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences of the Public Ministry, Danny Humpire Molina, this increase in criminal acts is extremely complex to handle due to its limitations.

He noted that to identify these individuals

, they now rely on scars, moles in the frontal region, as well as tattoos on the hands, legs, or neck. In other words, details that are not covered by masks and face shields.

«Another determining factor comes to be the way of walking, body expression, and height, this is how we are confronting criminals who are taking advantage of sanitary measures, this is how we are identifying them,» said the specialist.

Danny Humpire Molina also pointed out that expertise is essential to recognize criminals and that it must be included in the police report to guarantee the conviction of the perpetrators of crimes. For this, he reported that the Public Ministry has 15 experts and the necessary technology to carry them out.

(Photo: PNP)

«The Public Ministry is scientifically and technologically prepared to face crime, and ensure that it receives punishment. We have enough weapons,» he affirmed.

The Interior Minister, Gastón Rodríguez, has spoken about the situation of citizen insecurity during the state of emergency by Covid-19, in which he gave a balance of the actions that are being taken to combat it.

Gastón Rodríguez stated that we are currently at a 25% crime against 92% of what there was before the pandemic. Likewise, he declared that the Peruvian National Police is coming to the forefront to counter criminality.

«The Police are not waiting for criminals to act and then capture them, the Police are going out to face crime, along with local and regional governments,» emphasized the head of the Minister.

Minister Rodríguez stated that the Government will be inflexible against crime. Similarly, he explained that one of the branches of the «Fortaleza 2020» Operations Plan would be the ‘Disarmament’ operations plan. This consists of a police investigation that will coordinate with the communities and continue the fight against crime.