The congressman from APP that the mother lied to the president, apologizes

After the respective proceedings, it was discovered that the congressman of the Alianza para el Progreso, Jhosept Pérez Mimbela, was the one who, with an open microphone, insulted the President of the Republic, Martin Vizcarra, a fact that occurred in the plenary session on Sunday, July 5, hours after the president’s presidential message.

It should be remembered that the event occurred on Sunday, July 5, during the plenary session of the Congress of the Republic, when the parliamentarian and head of the constitution commission, Omar Chehade, who is also a member of that party, was directing said audience.

After the friction between the legislative and the executive, the climate of tension reached its highest point when the head of state issued a presidential message by open signal to express his disagreement with the development of the political reforms that were delegated by parliament, after that. , the congress called its board of spokespersons in which the process of modifying parliamentary immunity was debated.

In this context, Jhosept Pérez stated «Vizcarra no longer has immunity, I know c .. that …». Following this, the Popular Action MP, Manuel Merino urged the MPs to turn off their bus; however, it was Guillermo Aliaga of Somos Perú who requested that the legislator who made the insult be identified.

This is how, according to the special request to the recording area of ​​the Editorial Department of the Diario de Debates, it was found in the video of the session that a congressman uses the microphone on and launches the readings in plenary session. It is there that while the parliamentarian Omar Chehade had the floor, it became known that the microphone responded to the initials of the congressman’s name.

Given what happened, the president of the Ethics Commission sent an official letter to the APP legislator demanding that it appear within a maximum period of 5 days. Meanwhile, the vice president of the Ethics Commission told Commerce that as it is a matter of public interest, it could be seen promptly; but that the established deadlines must be met.

In that sense, the congresswoman of the Purple Party, Zenaida Solos said that the case against Pérez Mimbela is not scheduled despite being on the agenda. He added: ‘All cases must be dealt with as soon as possible, the commission must show that it does an efficient job. Delay is bad for everyone. ’

Another of the legislators to testify was Cesar Gonzales, who said: ‘There are constitutional precepts that we must respect and we will be respectful of it … The case of Pérez Mimbela is already in the investigative stage, we are going to conclude with this for the requalification and will put to the consideration of this commission what is determined in the corresponding station. ‘


The mea culpa

After the controversy, the APP congressman, apologized at the end of the plenary session of the congress to apologize. Many critics maintain that it was too late, since he apologized 1 month after the event occurred and after a long time in which his mission was discovered.

‘All my life I have always assumed responsibility for my actions, for this I apologize publicly to the President of the Republic, to my Alliance for Progress party, to you, my fellow congressmen, to the Peruvian people and to those who felt alluded to or offended.’

On the other hand, the President of the Republic, Martin Vizcarra, spoke about the event and said, ‘Around there, when the debate ended, a comment was heard from a congressman and it was leaked, as they are with the open mikes in this conversation and They say «I know …», no, we are in an hour where there are children, but with profane words, saying that I am the one who harmed myself. ‘