The friends of President Martin Vizcarra

In the line of investigations into the contracts of those close to the President of the Republic, Martin Vizcarra, the weekly ‘Hildebrant in his thirteen’ brought to light other revelations about contracts to people from the friendly circle of the current head of state to senior officials in the sector. public. This from the vice-ministry, to considerable service contracts that have also been carried out since the swearing-in of Vizcarra Cornejo.

The investigations indicate that it would be 4 people linked to the circle of friends of the current president, with whom he shares moments in the Lawn Tennis Club, this according to the investigations of the Sunday Panorama. The first of them would be Jose Alvarado Gonsales, father of Fiorella Alvarado.

According to the aforementioned investigations (Hildebrant in his thirteen), it is revealed that said circle would have been benefited by the friendship he has with Vizcarra Cornejo, since Alvarado currently performs functions as Vice Minister of Policies for the Defense of the Mindef for 2 years. years ago (2018), and with a remuneration of 15,600 soles per month.

In this regard, it is noted that the official Edgard Zeballos also worked for the Irrigation Subsectorial Program (PSI), an organization attached to the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI). Another case is that of Hernán Flores Ayala, vice minister of Defense Policies, who has been working since May 2018.

In the mentions there is also Alejandro Espinoza Fernández and Hugo Misad Trabucco, who is known to know the President of the Republic, when he was Governor of the Moquegua region, according to the aforementioned measures, the latter would have worked at the MTC since year 2016.

It should be noted that the tennis club located in the Jesús María district is where the circle of the current president. However, Palacio reiterates that there is no illegality or irregularity in the cases mentioned.