Congress responds to Martin Vizcarra

They respond to Vizcarra, the Congress of the Republic asked the head of state, through the directive table of the parliament, to take into account the health issue in the context of the pandemic in the formation of his new cabinet. by the covid-19. They also asked that the economic reactivation be ranked, this through a statement from their official Twitter account.

It is from this sense that, in the communiqué it is stated that the Legislative Power, opted for the decision not to grant the vote of confidence to the President of the Council of Ministers, Pedro Cateriano, since according to them it was a position with ‘free, constitutional determination and democratic. ‘

Likewise, the statement from the legislature announced that the position taken by the majority of legislators had been communicated to President Martin Vizcarra. It is from this point that in the early hours of August 4 of this period, the Congress of the Republic denied Cateriano’s vote of confidence, with a minimum approval of 34 votes, 54 against and 34 abstentions.

It should be remembered that, in the program of Juliana Oxenford, the congresswoman of the Broad Front, Rocio Silva Santisteban, demanded that the Prime Minister’s speech did not mainly address issues related to the fight against the coronavirus, and urged to find another captain or another new one premier that focuses on health, tracing infections and community strategy.

«A person who has no ties to sectors as powerful as CONFIEP, who is horizontal and who works as a team,» he added. In another point, the legislator recommended that the ideal profile to assume the position of the head of Ministers, would be Uriel Garcia. Finally, Silva mentioned that she supports university reform.

It should be noted that in the last political history of the country, the prime ministers have been denied confidence on two occasions, such is the case of Fernando Zavala and Salvador del Solar, the latter in 2019, moments in which he took after many years, the closing of the congress in the context of a political crisis between the legislative and the executive