Martín Vizcarra: «It has not been challenging before the government, but before the nation»

President Martín Vizcarra spoke on Tuesday afternoon alluding to the recent denial of confidence that arose in the early hours of the Congress of the Republic. The president pointed out that the vote against is due to the prevalence of personal interests over the general interest of the nation.

«For most of our representatives, personal interests prevail over the interests of the nation»,  he said in the short televised message.

Regarding what the president indicated, I consider it appropriate to highlight those days before the Question of Trust, the political parties were proactive to participate in an open and sincere dialogue with the Executive. However, he reproached that this was not carried out in practice.

University reform under debate

As for the predominant topic of debate, the University Reform is not negotiated, as stated by the president. It should be remembered that the current University Reform indicated by the Minister of Education, Martín Benavides, responds to a crisis originating in Sunedu. In declarations for a local media, the minister affirmed that the university reform undertaken by Sunedu has collided with certain economic interests that are currently represented in the Congress of the Republic.

New Cabinet

According to the president, «Congress decided to add one more crisis to the detriment of all». However, he accepted that he will form a new cabinet.