Pedro Cateriano’s vote of confidence is denied

With an approval of 37 votes in favor, 34 abstentions and with the predominant figure of 54 votes against, the Congress of the Republic decides not to grant the Prime Minister a vote of confidence.

The President of the Council of Ministers, Pedro Cateriano, was not considered to give him the vote, this, after his presentation made on August 3 before the plenary session of Parliament. The prime minister’s exposition occurs in the context of a series of frictions between the Legislative Power and the Executive.

Differences that have been noted since the previous head of the Ministerial Cabinet chaired by Vicente Zeballos, who, due to the constant contradictions, was displaced from his duties to summon a new agent to the head of the Ministerial Cabinet.

On the other hand, the debate held in the Congress of the Republic, after Cateriano’s exposition, lasted approximately more than 18 hours. Among the refusal they argued could be mentioned the motions presented to the current ministers; but even more so to the education sector, who is chaired by Martín Benavides and his constant investigations into the alleged cases of Sunedu, and ultimately, the case of tablets.

It should be noted that after the swearing in of the new Ministerial Cabinet, the Prime Minister asked that the vote of confidence be approved before July 28; However, after meeting with different parliamentary benches, it was agreed that their support would be carried out on August 3.

The question that now remains is what will happen to the Ministerial Cabinet, since according to the constitutional mechanisms, there could be a resignation of the Cateriano Cabinet team, along with the line of current holders of the ministerial portfolio. On the other hand, it is important to mention that previously the parliamentary benches such as Union for Peru and Podemos Peru confirmed that they would not grant the vote of confidence to Pedro Cateriano in his presentation made yesterday.