Pedro Cateriano attacks FREPAP and calls it a «religious fanatic group»

In an interview with a local media, the former Prime Minister, Pedro Cateriano had unfortunate statements to the majority FREPAP caucus, who was one of the main opponents of giving the Question of Trust.

«FREPAP is a fanatical religious group that has an absolute ignorance of how institutions work.»

This exchange of words occurs in the midst of the crisis caused by the denial of Confidence that occurred yesterday and in an exchange of words that further add to the political tension in the midst of the pandemic.

It is worth highlighting the words of María Céspedes Cárdenas, a congressman from said party, who had strong statements towards the premier during the presentation of the Question of Trust.

«The FREPAP Bench has moved to collect closely and know what is happening, this is the great reality of our country. Children with anemia, massive contagion in the mining company, and that have been known to Minsa (Ministry of Health) since 18 July. Sir, the province says that the mining company has brought you development, but do you know how many hours of water the Espinar province has for 2 hours. I would invite you to go live for a month there, you would have to collect your water to bathe.», indicated the parliamentarian in reference to the conflict situation in Espinar, Cusco.

University reform

As mentioned by President Martín Vizcarra, the refusal of Trust could have been due to the University Reform. FREPAP is one of the parties that Sunedu wants to investigate and inspect.