Tik Tok: young girl leaves university to earn 5 million dollars in the social network

The social network is in a dilemma. The United States has asked it to be sold to an American firm or else it will be blocked in the country.

Drop out of studies? Apparently this would be a good option if we made $ 5 million for dancing and making videos through Tik Tok. The famous and controversial social network has its list of the best paid that Forbes magazine has decided to publish. But the surprise falls on who is the lucky one to receive such a salary. Well, it’s about Addison Rae Easterling, a young woman of only 19 years old.

Her charisma and more than 54,1k followers have led her to become a young sensation. Rae decided to leave college, where she was studying journalism, to move to Los Angeles, California. According to the young star, every time she went to class there were many people who wanted to be photographed with her.

Forbes has revealed that two-thirds of its revenue comes from campaigns with the sports brand Reebok and from Daniel Wellington watches. In July of this year, Easterling also became the global representative for the American Eagle clothing brand. In addition, she broadcasts a ‘podcast’ on Spotify with her mother, Sheri Nicole, called ‘Mama Knows Best’ (‘Mom knows better’), and will launch next week her own cosmetics brand, Item Beauty. «TikTok was what got me to where I am,» summed up the young woman.

Cold War

Following the latest statements by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, the Chinese company has two options to continue operating in the North American virtual industry. To do this, it must be sold to a US firm or it will be blocked in the country.