Barça destruction: Bayern Munich crushes FC Barcelona with 8 goals to 2

Shocking In the quarter-final stage of the UEFA Champions League tournament, FC Barcelona of Spain fell 8-2 to Germany’s Bayer Munich. The first goal appeared with a merged game between Lewandowsky and Müller for the latter to score the goal of the Spanish club.

However, the surprise would also come in the 6th minute, when the German club’s player, David Alaba, made an own goal when he tried to avoid a center from the Spanish team. To that tie, the attempts of the Argentine, Lionel Messi, are added, who despite the constant collective moves and centers did not manage to specify a goal for the Catalans.

At minute 20, Bayern Munich adds another goal from Ivan Perisic, in a play built by the sides. Meanwhile, for minute 27, the player Serge Gnabry scores with a right hand in the goal of the Barcelona team, this after a defensive error by the Barza centrals; but the goals would not be left there, at minute 30, the German Tomas Müller already scored the same, through a center from the bands in the rival area.

Until then, it seemed that 4 to 1 would be the final one; however at minute 56, the Uruguayan, Luis Suarez, scores a goal with a right hand, this after a pass from Jordi Alba, despite the difficulties, the Latin player made it feel like Barza could come back. But, the surprise was even more intense, since for the 63rd minute, another defensive error by the Spanish team, caused Joshua Kimmich to score a goal in Ter Stegen’s goal.

In those minutes of frustration, the commentators were stunned by the very serious result of the Spanish club, who had been listed as one of the favorites to win the international tournament. The nightmare was not yet over, since in the 81st minute, Lewandosky scored the same for Bayer Munich, in the surprising result of 6 to 2.

The match already ended with the victory sung for the German team, this due to the constant starting errors and lack of coordination of the players of the Spanish club. Unfortunately, the former Barza, Philippe Coutinho closed this nightmare with the scoring of the last 2 goals against his former Barça family, Barcelona.

«It is the end of an era,» commentators mentioned to the overwhelming end result.