Task: Interpellation appointment to Martin Benavides is rescheduled

The heads of the Congressional Oversight and Education Commission decided to take an extension until August 18 to await the statements of the Minister of Education, Martin Benavides. This context is carried out in the process of interpellation to the head of the Education portfolio in the State.

The purpose of citing Martin Benavides is so that he can answer for the investigation cases related to SUNEDU, tablets, among other implications. So the answers provided by Benavides would serve a lot to clarify the proceedings related to his sector.

The decision was made in a coordinated manner by the congressman from Union por el Peru, Edgard Alarcon and Raymundo Dioses from the Somos Peru bench. The first of them, who is president of the control commission, while Dioses is in charge of the Education commission. In this sense, the interpellation process that began this morning, had the participation of Benavides to respond to his efforts when he was president of the National Superintendence of University Education (SUNEDU).

«On Tuesday you will be in the Supervisory Commission together with the Education Commission and (I want) you to respond to us that day, and I would like you to take note, are the curricular goals and achievements in the sector being met?» Alarcón pointed out.

It should be noted that the Union for Peru legislator announced the following questions that will be asked to the Minister of Education for next Tuesday. Among the aforementioned questions are the current panorama of Peruvian education in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the case of tablets, the logistical measures to facilitate access to quality education for university students and the sanctions carried out by SUNEDU to higher institutions.

The congressman from Union for Peru said: «This is a good opportunity for you, the Minister of Education, to give clear and evident signals that we are facing a different management.»