Free Fire: We give you 5 tips to succeed in the game of the moment

A game that has become very popular among the gamer community is Free Fire, based on the old standards of Counter Strike or Half Life; but whose added value has been reflected in the constant updates based on technology, and the adaptation to new trends for mobile games.

Free Fire is developed by 111dots Studio and promoted by Garena, a multiplayer game of adventure, relays, team games, strategy and a lot of psychomotor skills to know how to insert the fingers to suit the player. It should be noted that in 2019 this game was considered one of the famous and its only presence raised more than 1 million dollars in the world.

Many curious people discover the uniqueness of the game, it is from that point that The Black Heralds teaches you to play Free Fire: basic level mode, for beginners and adventurers to this strategy and adventure game that day by day continues to conquer interest of many users.

Get a sponsor: One of the biggest shortcuts that you can have the most to learn to overcome this game is having the company of a user with a minimum of previous experience, who can help you take shortcuts that in many cases will cost us weeks of learning.

Do not be afraid of KILLS: One of the errors that many beginner players fall to Free Fire, is the means that causes them to be eliminated in the middle of the game by another user with more experience. Adrenaline, anxiety and fear are ingredients that you must discard before playing this successful adventure and war, so the right thing to do should be that you focus on learning, rather than winning.

Have a goal that you can easily achieve: Many beginner or novice players dream of winning a 50 player classic game, or being the user with the most kills in a Squad Duel game, a dream that really feeds our ego; However, we contrast with reality, since many times it will not be like that, so in this section we invite you to focus on objectives that you can really control in a very short time, such as learning to use your favorite weapon, to find your weapon favorite, that you learn to move quickly and cautiously or simply learn to use the items that are granted to you when starting a game.

Do public relations: One of the secrets to succeed in this success of Garena would be the approach you lend him to expand your horizons, that is, get partners with whom to play and increase your chances of success in many games, in that way, it would always be convenient Have a list of friends with whom you can join to play ‘Squad Duel’ or ‘Multiplayer’, since that way they would increase your chances of winning a game or, failing that, learn much more about this interesting game.

Have fun: The added value of this game is that compared to its predecessors, your progress will remain intact for when you decide to play again, it is a quite viable option so that you can return and see how new prizes, clothing, gifts, medals arrive. etc. One of the details that most attract your attention are in the customization that can be given to the avatars that you can collect over the course of your game, there are many characters with which you can feel identified, and if you want to go a little more Far you could even invest in a good outfit, animation team or even a mascot that makes your style and presence shine on the battlefield.