Ate: Subject attacked 3 women inside their home

Last Wednesday, Diego Cuellar Sandoval entered the home of his ex-partner located in the Juan Velasco human settlement with the intention of stabbing her to death. The man is being held at the National Police station.

1st October: Today we celebrate Journalist’s Day!

It is the Day of the Journalist in Peru, join us to learn a little more about the reason for this date and the value of the media in society.

Operation Victoria: 28 years after the fall of Abimael Guzmán, inmate 1509

In light of the latest events in the history of our country, few have remembered this commemorative date in which a time of terror for the country ended and they have put aside the heroes who made it possible.


Eco Zone

Sky Greens: The first sustainable farm born in Singapore

Green architecture never ceases to amaze us! Today, Singapore has the first vertical vegetable farm nestled in the middle of a city. A great idea to include green spaces within cities and at the same time increase vegetable production in your region. Here all the information.



Apple and Google removed Fornite from their download platforms

Apple made the drastic decision to withdraw the most popular game on the net, Fornite, for failing to comply with its store regulations. Given this, Google followed suit by making Epic Games sue them in California courts.


Thousands of Chinese attended an electronic party in Wuhan in violation of health regulations

The city of Wuhan, the place where the Coronavirus would have started, generated the rejection of thousands of people this weekend, because of the photographs of an electronic music party…



A Peruvian Bridget

A few days ago, from somewhere in the United States, we received the news of a boy hero who had saved the life of his younger sister, facing a dog that ended up attacking him […]. In our country, because of the same pandemic, there are many children like Bridget who face, perhaps not a dog, but the misfortune of losing their mother or father infected by the virus.

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