The Dance of Those Who Left Over

Latin America suffers. In Peru, a new coup d’etat model has been the clearest beginning of a succession of deep attempts to take over its neighboring countries: Chile and Ecuador. Both cases are not isolated. In Argentina, meanwhile, kitchnerismo has returned to power. Brazil is resisting through a policy called by some as «ultra-rightist», which is far from it. Bolivia has finally overcome the yoke of a dictatorship of more than 13 years.

Latin America is young and has the spirits warmed by organizations that move it, which revolts against seemingly unfair measures. But is the problem the price increase? What is hidden behind? Like any political movement, it is no accident that the same speeches are heard between one country and another. Terms like «the people claim,» «the people demand,» «the power belongs to the people,» the people, the people …

The people democratically chose who they wanted to govern them. The people have other tools to protest. Why use violence? Nothing justifies the attitudes carried out in the southern country, but there are always infiltrated organizations that seek to exacerbate those spirits to get what they want: to establish a leftist regime in the region.

As much as the neighbors of the south do not intend to contemplate the possibility, it is true that they claim for a just cause such as the state of their quality of life and see a country grow that does not make their pockets grow, does not mean that the statements quite controversial of President Sebastian Piñera are not correct.

Already warned Diosdado Cabello, the 2nd most important character in the apparent dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro. A «little breeze» Bolivarian that becomes a kind of «hurricane» has evidenced the position and intention of the repudiable situation that Venezuela is imprisoned seeking to replicate in other countries.

It is that its logic so obvious and surpassed is the following: it burns your city, encourages hatred, and tell them that you do it for their cause, a cause that more than almost 83 years ago, plunged the Soviet Union into the dictatorial crisis more great in its history with the birth of the Bolshevik movement.

Chile, like Peru, is not a country of lefts. It is a fierce country, a fighter, who lives on the daily efforts of his people and is unanimous in the opinion that anarchic vandalism they have reached is an excess. It is unanimous to mention that, although the population’s claim is fair, the forms are not correct, and, on the other hand, the excess that the armed forces have been committing in the last month during the protests is not healthy.

Hopefully, Chile and Ecuador will resist this hurricane, which, far from bringing true reform for the good of all, continues to be an example of impunity, of corruption, of the dictatorship harder than softer, paraphrasing General Pinochet whom they have used in innumerable comparisons with the current president. His words, today, resonate fearfully like a shadow of the past among the already discredited social networks.

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