4 tips to get a job this 2020

During the first weeks of January, most Peruvians are in search of new jobs and almost always end up in endless queues and without good results. So that this year you can achieve your work goal, here are some tips you should take to get the job you want.

La hoja de vida o currículum es tu carta de presentación, asegúrate que su contenido sea el idóneo.

Despite a large number of people looking for jobs, only 14% of companies are interested in creating vacancies or opening positions in the first 3 months of the year. One of the first tips is that you break the idea of ​​thinking that asking for work is humiliating. It is normal to have a work absence and the first place you can look for work is with your friends. Inform them of your need and what you are looking for exactly, this could help you get an interview or a talk with the person in charge.

Another tip is to have or create a professional social media profile where you only dedicate yourself to publish your professionalism. Also, make sure that your profile fits with at least 80% of the requirements that the company is looking for, do not apply to apply, since you will only be filled with constant rejections, send a real curriculum, in which you can see your capabilities and that Do not have more than two pages.

Polish your soft skills, learn to relate, work as a team and with others, cope with stress and cope with problems. Specialize, never let learn from the topics you already handle, one way to stand out from the rest is to have something that proves that you handle a topic in-depth, it could be.

Finally, dedicate a large part of your time in making contacts. The majority seek employment in the traditional way using almost 80% of their time in this and only 20% in making contacts when it should be the other way around.

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