Students and teachers start planting to protect thousands of trees at the Agrarian University

«On foot of struggle», is how the students and professors of the Agrarian University La Molina are while they walk among the trees and crops that they planted together for more than 20 years in the forest nursery that is now at risk. And this happens due to the plan of the Rectorate that seeks to remove 1500 trees to build an aquaculture pool and a greenhouse on those same lands.

The extension of these occupy almost 25 hectares of the Agrarian University and houses mahogany and cedar trees; endangered species in the country, but which remain protected here. In addition, other species of flora and fauna that are today under threat can also be found.

This decision has taken teachers and students by surprise because during 2018 there was a dispute between the municipality, the students and neighbors of the National Agrarian University La Molina. What was at stake was the defense of a hundred trees that, according to the authority, had to be removed to extend the avenue that passes in front of the main entrance. In the end, a mutual agreement was reached between both parties, improving traffic flow and keeping the disputed species.

It should be noted that according to teachers and students, the university has more than 160 hectares in its territory and that it is currently covered in most of the vacant land where these actions could be carried out without any problem.

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