Venezuelans take FONAVI building with weapons in hand

Great tension was experienced this morning in a building in the Center of Lima where the Association of Fonavistas of Peru operates. According to the news portal on Facebook, Peru Rec, foreigners who were more than 40 people entered the building located in block 8 of the Cailloma jirón in downtown Lima.

They stormed the first floors equipped with firearms, unleashing the desperation of the fonavists and passersby who were near the place.

They then took advantage of the fact that the last floors were unoccupied to settle in the place amid threats.

Thanks to a quick operation the National Police was able to enter the site and evict them.

After the brawl it was learned that 40 people were the ones who perpetrated the assault, the majority being Venezuelan and few Peruvians; However, it is not ruled out that the latter were the ones that motivated the assault.

Neighbors revealed that at all times Venezuelans threatened them with guns to intimidate them.

At the close of this edition, it was learned that they were referred to the nearest police station where they will be interrogated, while others escaped from nearby homes.

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