Judicial Branch rejects Popular Force request to remove judge

The Second Court of Appeals of the Judicial Power declared the recusal of the Fuerza Popular party against Judge Víctor Zúñiga inadmissible, who will decide on Thursday, January 23, whether leader Keiko Fujimori Higuchi returns or not to prison while the process for money laundering and others lasts. crimes that are imputed to him.

In that case, an attempt was made to separate it, alleging an alleged partiality of the judge who directs the Fourth Court of Preparatory Investigation.

In the case of this challenge to Judge Víctor Zúñiga Urday, the basis was of an alleged ‘legal fraud’ by incorporating the magistrate into the Cocktails case on November 21, 2019. The court dismissed all the arguments of the lawyer of the party Juan Alarcón Caycho.

‘The objection made by the technical defense of the Fuerza Popular political party against the judge of the Fourth National Preparatory Investigation Court, magistrate Víctor Raúl Zúñiga Urday, is declared inadmissible in the process followed by the alleged commission of the crime of money laundering assets to the State ‘, indicated the Judiciary in the resolution.

Case cocktails

In November 2019, the Prosecutor’s request to incorporate the Fujimorist party, as a legal entity, in the investigation into the case known as Cocktails, was accepted by the courts.

In the case of Cocktails, the provenance of about 1.3 million dollars that served to finance the campaign of the Fuerza Popular leader, Keiko Fujimori, to the presidency in 2011 is investigated.

As the Prosecutor’s Office argued, this money would come from Odebrecht and would have been raised through the organization of pro-fund cocktails, activities that would have served as a facade to “wash” the construction company’s contributions.

It should be remembered that last week, the upper court composed of judges César Sahuanay, Jessica León and Iván Quispe, also rejected the same appeal filed by Keiko Fujimori’s lawyer, Giulliana Loza Ávalos.

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