State of emergency in Moquegua is extended to 45 days due to eruption of Ubinas volcano

The Moquegua Regional Government decided to declare in a state of emergency the districts near the Ubinas volcano, in the provinces of General Sánchez Cerro and Mariscal Nieto, in Moquegua. In addition, two districts have been considered in Tacna and Arequipa that have been affected. According to Supreme Decree No. 004-2020-PCM, proclaimed by Vicente Zevallos, President of the Congress of Ministers; María Hinostroza, Minister of Health; and, Walter Martos, Minister of Defense; The extension will begin on January 17 from which the 45 calendar days will be counted.

The Supreme Decree bears the signature of the President of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra, and is endorsed by the President of the Council of Ministers, and by the holders of Health, Housing, Construction and Sanitation, Agriculture and Irrigation, Education, Interior, Defense, Transportation and Communications, Women and Vulnerable Populations, Energy and Mines, and Environment.

The Moquegua Regional Government, local governments and the National Institute of Civil Defense (Indeci) will continue to carry out rehabilitation work in the areas that have been affected. The districts in the province of General Sánchez Cerro where a state of emergency is declared are the following:

  • Ubinas
  • Chojata
  • Ichuña
  • Colaque
  • Lloque
  • Yunga
  • Matalaque

While in the province of Mariscal Nieto the following districts are considered:

  • Cuchumbaya
  • Carumas
  • San Cristobal

While in Arequipa and Tacna, they are the districts of San Juan de Tarucani and Candarave, respectively. Yesterday at approximately 2:30 am, the Ubinas volcano erupted, ashes scattered south and southeast of the region, which would cause serious damage to the health, housing and agricultural land of citizens who He lives in vulnerable departments.

Despite the fact that an action plan organized by the regional authorities is being executed, a situation report prepared by Indeci reveals that the response actions are insufficient, so the support and intervention of the National Government is needed.

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