Smart cars would be as easy to use as your smartphone

In recent years, the automotive and technological industry has worked hand in hand to provide better service and features through the wireless networks used with smartphones and other smart gadgets. The big brands of telephones and televisions became a source of continuous income due to the great demand they have had in the last decade, so technology companies now want to turn the automotive industry into a need that generates the same demand.

These two industries have converged on the idea of ​​vehicles that offer services and features through the wireless data networks used in smartphones. Services such as video playback, improvements to vehicle performance, trade on the dashboard could be the answer to a pressing need in the automotive sector.

(Foto referencial: Shutterstock)
(Reference photo: Shutterstock)

Technology companies have seen great potential in cars and in a great time that users spend inside them. The automakers need to see this potential and learn how to monetize their hardware once the car was delivered to the end-user. Both industries took advantage of this month’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) to demonstrate that this vision that they have turning cars into connected revenue machines can become a reality. Inc and Microsoft Corp have maintained a great interest in these new projects, they have sought to manage the torrent of data with which these new vehicles will be connected directly.

This great turn for modern vehicles arises from the need to generate new sources of income in the face of an imminent deceleration of sales due to environmental awareness and the reduction of toxic gases to the ozone layer, measures that threaten their profits.

Companies like Ford Motor Co and General Motors Co maintained a performance well below the rest of the automotive market in 2019. Unlike Tesla Inc which in the CED surpassed these two companies. Tesla, a pioneer in this investment model now steps 6000 dollars to its customers to activate the option of total autonomous driving.

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