Safety nets of the Friendship Park were taken out by cyclists

A group of cyclists broke the meshes in protest of the early inauguration of the Friendship Bridge, which will link the seawalls of the San Isidro and Miraflores districts. It should be noted that the work generated a neighborhood conflict.

One of the bicycle drivers used a megaphone to order his departure to be in an orderly manner. They expressed their discomfort because they indicated that the works of the bridge that corresponds to Miraflores have already been completed. However, they indicated that they have to turn around and use Army Avenue for their route.

The cyclists explained that the measure was taken after the municipality of San Isidro announced that the fence that prevents free traffic will not be withdrawn, but will be open to the public at a time that has not yet been defined. After what happened, a staff of the Municipality of San Isidro remained to protect the place.


Three neighbors of San Isidro and the Association of Cyclists of Peru denounced before the Public Ministry (MP) the mayor of San Isidro, Augusto Cáceres, and the district manager of Urban Development, Nancy Ninapaytán, for attempting against free transit by having installed bars that they prevent traveling between the Friendship Bridge and the San Isidro Ecological Park.

Ninapaytán said there will not be a cycle path within the Ecological Park that can be accessed 24 hours a day. But it will be open to neighbors, with schedules that will be announced later. In addition, the official said they are looking for alternatives to connect the bridge with the park because both projects were designed without any connectivity.


Today there was a sit-in at the Friendship Bridge, against the bars that the municipality of San Isidro has placed. Citizens in general, residents of the area, visitors, cyclists, as well as pedestrians were summoned to approach the bridge, located next to the Bonilla sports complex in the Miraflores district, on the San Martín descent.

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