The positive side of the coronavirus

The quarantine has caused the absence of contamination in several countries of the world

Cities like Venice, New York, Rome and Lima itself, have dawned in recent days with a different aspect, with clean streets, rivers with clear waters and even the appearance of certain animals, which were not seen regularly.

The quarantine and other measures taken due to the spread of COVID-19 have led the world population to isolate themselves in their homes, which at the same time have forced large industries to stop working. Although this action has caused the entire financial movement in the world to stop, it has caused a phenomenon not seen in a long time, the decrease in pollution rates.

This fact has been demonstrated in images obtained by NASA and the Space Agency, who captured the transformation generated in recent months, that the coronavirus has advanced in different countries of the world. For example, people in Wuhan City have noticed a noticeable change in the skies, which show a bluer than normal color.

Another aspect that has generated quarantine in cities has been the decrease in the carbon footprint, which in many cases is caused by people’s daily activities, such as going to work, going to a restaurant or leisure center.

Air quality researcher at NASA’s Goddard Space Center, Fei Liu said that the reduction has been significant compared to other years and that at the same time it has remained for longer.

In Peru, cities like Arequipa have reported a considerable reduction in CO2, due to the suspension of vehicular traffic and commercial activities due to the state of emergency. Zacarías Madariaga, head of the Regional Directorate for Environmental Health, pointed out that the action taken by the government by COVID-19 has caused contamination levels to drop considerably in the region.

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