Congress: Somos Peru seeks to advance bonuses

The bench of Somos Perú made up of Guillermo Aliaga, Rennan Espinoza, Jorge Pérez, Luis Dioses, Felicita Toct, Grimaldo Vasquez, Cesar Gonzales, Matilde Fernández, Hirma Alencastre, Betto Barrionuevo and Mariano Yupanqui presented a bill that proposes to advance the payment of Christmas bonuses and bonuses for public sector workers, this in response to the constant phases of economic revival.

The decision was presented by the legislator Matilde Fernández, who seeks that this modality be applied for the month of August, and whose operation should go to the form. The amount would be equivalent to 300 soles for public officials, whether appointed or hired, under DL No. 276 (law 29944 and 30512).

Likewise, university teachers who are within the law 30220, health personnel included in number 3.2 of article 3 of Legislative Decree 1153, workers and even personnel of the Armed Forces, the National Police and even pensioners who according to the Law 15117 (Decree laws 19846 and 20530).

The project intends that the public entities that have workers of the labor regime are subject to the provisions of Law 27735, to receive said bonus in the month of August. The document also considers that the workers hired under the special labor regime of DL 1057 are considered for said bonus.

To regularize the operation of said proposal, the beneficiaries must be registered in the computerized application of the «Single Payroll for the Public Sector», in charge of one of the MEF’s human resources offices.
Finally, this modality does not include workers whose salary exceeds 8,600 soles (two ITU tax units).

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