Parliamentarians wants to eliminate Parliamentary Immunity

All the spokesmen of the different benches of the Congress of the Republic met in the Board of Spokespersons in which they approved to include in the plenary agenda, the opinion that seeks to partially eliminate parliamentary immunity, a faculty that grants the benefit of exclusion in lawsuits, litigation or any friction of legal matter that may harm a parliamentarian.

The discussion is carried out in a virtual way, in which there is also a need to debate the preliminary ruling that aims to prevent future candidates for public office from having an opportunity if they present a judicial sentence.
For their part, many legislators have made their point of view known, including tweets by Gino Costa who mentions that political reform is in danger. Asu time many benches made their point of view, in The Black Heralds we mention some:

Peru Podemos: Said bench approves the elimination of parliamentary impunity, as announced by its spokesman Daniel Urresti, who declared that said faculty only supports those who have ties to corruption.

Frente Amplio: He expressed his rejection of the ruling, because he believes that the parliamentary benefit is violated, and that this modality could be used for political persecution.

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