Learn about the destroyer BAP Ferré (DM-74) history, thirteen years from cessation

The BAP Ferré (DM-74) was decommissioned on July 13st, 2007, this was a unit destroyer missile type that Peru acquired for the Navy in 1973 its. It also belongs to an important part in the history of this Naval institution, since it was used during the Pacific War, by the remembered Peruvian hero Miguel Grau.

Its construction began in 1946 for the British navy initially, and culminated in 1949, at Yarrow shipyard, England. He was assigned to the Royal British Navy on April 28th, 1953, as HMS Decoy (D106).

After twenty years, in 1973, the Peruvian flag was affirmed on board this warship and quickly joined the Peruvian squadron in the Grau Sea, after modernizing it and attaching missile launch tubes to it.

Its name honors the Peruvian Diego Ferré Sosa, first lieutenant of the Peruvian Navy and hero of the Pacific War who fought on the Huáscar monitor; and who also had the mission along with other Peruvian officers to recruit monitors from abroad for the Peruvian Navy.

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