Three community members died after a land dispute in Cotobambas, Apurímac

This last Thursday there was a land confrontation between a thousand community members from Occajahua and Chaccaro in the town of Tambobamba, in the province of Cotabambas, in Apurimac, where three people died from the impact of bullets, the victims identified as Sabino Huillca (32), Nicolás Huillca (22) and Ajelandro Muñoz (45) years old.

The communities were confronted with shotguns, sticks, stones because the residents of Occajahua carried out artisanal mining work in the border territory of both communities, despite the fact that there was a signed document in which both communities had promised not to carry out agricultural work or to the extraction of minerals, something that caused the anger of the Chaccaro community.

After the incident, only two agents tried to end the confrontation between the communities, in these towns there is no presence of authorities or police assistance. On the other hand, the mayor of Tambobamba, Rildo Guillén, pointed out that the commune cannot intervene in these incidents, that the person in charge is the Deputy Manager of Legal Physical Sanitation of Rural Property (Forprap) of the Apurímac Regional Government.

The bodies were collected this last Friday morning, when representatives of the Public Ministry and the Prosecutor’s Office arrived.

However, this incident is one of the constant conflicts that exist between these peasant communities since long ago, due to the litigation of 630 hectares.

After the incident, the Cotabambas provincial deputy mayor, Walter Contreras, asked the authorities to expedite the land clearing procedures, since they do nothing to advance the land processes, since many times when these confrontations are denounced, the authorities.

In our country, the land confrontations are carried out in different provinces, including Áncash with 17 cases and Cusco with 16 and Apurímac has reported 15 cases.

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