Alleged chats of the Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion are broadcast

The new Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion, M. Ruggiero has been implicated in alleged WhatsApp conversations in which the head of the ministry refers contemptuously to the citizens of the Huancayo region. These conversations that still do not have a real confirmation have been bounced by some media and is highly commented on social networks.

This is how in one of the cases is the Twitter user: BiNaRio, who among many others commented: ‘Is this our» new «Minister of Labor Martín Ruggiero? Confirm this chat that if true should be expectorated in one for referring to a woman from Huancayo ¿Aló @MartinVizcarraC? ’He added.

In the alleged conversations it can be seen that a person with the name of the Job holder mentions that he would withdraw from the chat for assuming a public office, in which he urges the supposed other members to be extremely careful with any content that they think may affect your image.

Shortly after, it is appreciated that someone writes that tomorrow they will have to attend a hearing in Huancayo, since “a woman” did not want to sign an agreement, followed by this racist and derogatory adjectives being read towards the people of the Center region.

So far there is no official pronouncement to know if it is false content (or fake news); However, these conversations have been viralized on social networks by a considerable number of users who believe that this conversation is genuine.

It should be remembered that today, the new Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion was sworn in at the Government Palace together with the new ministerial team headed by Prime Minister Pedro Cateriano.

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