The Lima specialists who have experience in treating patients infected with this virus

Faced with the pandemic of coronavirus in various regions of our country, the Ministry of Health has taken as a measure to send specialists from Lima who have experience in treating patients infected with this virus, so that they can support in the region of San Martín, in the Hospital de Tocache, a region that continues to face the fight against the coronavirus.

The medical personnel, who have already arrived in the region, are made up of a doctor, a nurse and a biomedical engineer who work at the Ate Emergency Hospital, Vitarte.

The group of specialists in Intensive Care Medicine arrived in the San Martín region through an airlift which was coordinated by the Ministry of Health, as stated by the ministry’s adviser, Leslie Zevallos. She also reported that these specialists will work hand in hand with the doctors and nurses of the Tocache Hospital. This support seeks to improve care in covid-19 patients, as well as to manage to operate six ventilators who are in the hospital.
On the other hand, the adviser Zevallos thanked the director of the Ate Vitarte Emergency Hospital, Dr. Luis Loro, for having provided support to the San Martín region.

It is expected that with this measure, there will be a better and greater response in the care and treatments provided in this city hospital. It is also known that the oxygen supply that has a new plant in Moyobamba will be reinforced.

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