Vizcarra on Zeballos: He will continue collaborating with us

The President of the Republic Martin Vizcarra, declared in an interview with Radio Americana in Moquegua that for the moment there is no need to return to the quarantine, since he mentioned that: ‘We are in such a situation that, with the permanent commitment of the population of now, not in the future is sufficient ‘.

However, it has been reported that the number of numbers for Covid-19 infections (coronavirus) continues to increase; reason why the president referred: ‘I do not see, based on the statistics and the scientific information that I receive, that we are in a situation so as to later return to quarantine.’
In this sense, the head of state mentioned that quarantine has been useful, both for the government and for the population, «It has taught us new ways of acting, new rules of behavior, that we are applying them,» he declared to the media outlet of the Moquegua region.

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Another of the topics addressed in the interview was that of former Prime Minister Vicente Zeballos, who was replaced yesterday by Pedro Cateriano along with another Ministerial Cabinet. In this regard, the President thanked the former Cabinet Chief for his work and mentioned that he continue to support his government from another position.

‘He, as I have told him, is going to have to be part of the government team until the end of this July 28, 2021. Let’s talk. It is a change of position, but Vicente Zeballos has to continue collaborating, because he is committed to the development of Peru and to our government, ’said Vizcarra Cornejo. ‘He will continue collaborating with us. His experience cannot be wasted and we must continue to count on his knowledge and contributions, ’he added.

It should be noted that the former Prime Minister wrote on a twitter account yesterday: ‘See you soon, President. I thank you for the opportunity provided to serve my country. I took up the challenge by responding with care, commitment and loyalty to our country. Two years ago, I swore as Minister of Justice and then I accompanied him at the PCM. ’

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