Jair Bolsonaro is caught riding a motorcycle despite having Coronavirus [PHOTO]

Jair Bolsonaro, who recently tested positive for Coronavirus for the third time, was caught riding a motorcycle through the open areas of the Palacio de la Alvorada, the presidential residence. This afternoon, Bolsonaro was photographed talking to janitors without wearing the mask in Brasilia.

The Brazilian president celebrates 16 days infected with Coronavirus, but this afternoon the Reuters Agency surprised him by walking without a mask, the image shared by the media shows Bolsonaro on top of his motorcycle next to Lake Paranoá. So far the government has not ruled on the photograph.

Bolsonaro riding a motorcycle. Photo: Reuters

The 65-year-old Brazilian president moved to the presidential palace after testing positive for the Coronavirus, since then it has caused controversy for its irresponsibility against the virus, advising the population to ingest hydroxychloroquine, a drug that does not have the approval of medical experts, in addition, There are already scientific studies that demonstrate its null effectiveness against COVID-19.

Jair Bolsonaro without mask. Photo: Reuters

Just a few days ago, Jair Bolsonaro received his followers in the garden of the Alvorada Palace, where despite being a Coronavirus patient, he went out to greet, some managed to approach him, to the cry of myth. The president this time also removed the mask to speak.

Brazil is one of the countries most affected by the Coronavirus, in the last 24 hours there were almost 60,000 infected and 1,311 deaths, while the total number of infected reached 2,287,475, the fatalities reached 84,082.